Back-fill in a Zinc Mine

Back-fill in a Zinc Mine


  • Cement 450.2 g; Water 500 ml; Volume 670 cm³; Density 1.4 t/m³
  • Temporary pressures up to 33 k/cm² Height difference: 300 meters


PEXGOL PIPES USED:Pexgol 110 mm (4”) Class 24 (SDR 7.4)

LENGTH: 1,400 meters

The Challenge

In order to continue mine construction, the client needed to backfill new tunnels. The cement plant was located on the mine surface, as a consequence, they required a flexible pipe that could go through the casing, which was not installed in a straight line.

In addition, they needed a pipe with high resistance to abrasion, since they needed to transport cement in a free fall that as a result turns to be very abrasive.

Pexgol's Piping Solution

Due to these special circumstances, the client requested Pexgol pipes since they can be provided in 600 meters sections. They are flexible and highly resistant to abrasion and impacts.

The pipe sections were uncoiled hundreds of meters from the installation place, later they were descended with a hydraulic crane.
The end of the pipe was connected with a conical weight used as a guide to help it descend through. The ground was very harsh with sharp rocks, however, the pipes were dragged, pulled and descended without problems. The pipes were practically hanging from the surface of each level on the mine, supported by electro-fusion couplers. Despite the complicated conditions, the installation took only 60 net hours of work.