The Advantage of Coils

The Advantage of Coils

Pexgol Pipes are supplied in both straight and coiled options – depending on pipe size and project layout.

The high form stability of Pexgol, allows us to offer a Coiled Pipe up to 14” pipe Size.

Term Explained: High Form Stability is the resistance of the material to deform when energy is added to the material in the form of Temperature or Mechanical stress. The Physical (covalent) cross-linking between Carbon Atoms on different Polymer chains prevents the deformation, as the Polymers are held tight in their original, post extruded, state.

The form stability ensures that Pexgol Coils can be stored in a coiled position for long periods, and still go back to being straight when uncoiled.

This game-changing option immediately increases the system’s reliability and dramatically reduced installation time and costs.

Where new neighborhoods are built with a centralized heating system, it is now extremely easy to lay down your mainline, and use simple branch-offs to supply new customers as they make the transition to District Heating.

Combined with our onsite insulation partners we can quickly install long sections of Buried insulated Pipe, encapsulating all components in a closed cell high compression insulating material.

Here is a simple comparison between coils and straight pipe sections per 2000ft, numbers indicate number of connections:

Pipe Size

20’ straights

40’ Straight

Pexgol [DR11] Coil*

2000ft of 4”




2000ft of 6”




2000ft of 8”




2000ft of 10”




2000ft of 12”




*max coil sizes increase for lower SDR, short coils are also available.

The Installation Process

System Partners

Depending on system Parameters, the system components may change,
But the quality will not!

To ensure the highest quality we have partnered with Industry Leading Manufacturers:

  • Victaulic
  • Plasson
  • Golan Plastic




Reduce corrosion & maintenance downtime on your next project.