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PEXtremely Resistant Pipe

You’ll find Pexgol’s industrial solutions in the most difficult terrains and harshest environments. Always looking to innovate, perfect and deliver products of the highest integrity, our engineers

These tough environments challenge our engineers to innovate, perfect and deliver design and operations of highest integrity and non-stop performance.

Our proven solution has an exceptionally wide range of industrial applications:

  • Mineral Processing Hydrometallurgy, Slurry Pipelines, Process Water, Aquaculture, Boreholes Pipes, Mine Dewatering, Oil & Gas pipes.
  • The durability and long life of the pipe in these extreme operating conditions of temperature, corrosion and wear also offer operators and owners the benefit of significant cost reduction in both CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Reduction of CAPEX by replacing exotic alloys pipes, and reduction in OPEX due to the long life of the pipe in extreme operating conditions involving temperature, corrosion and wear.

The proven performance envelope of Pexgol in a wide variety of industries and services under varied conditions provides engineers additional options in perfecting and optimizing their design and operations.

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How we can reduce corrosion, abrasion and downtime on your next project.

Open Pit Dewatering – Mexico

El Volcan Mine was facing an issue of excess water during the rainy season.  They were looking for dewatering solutions for suspended pipe.

Our solution

Backfill in a Zinc Mine – Argentina

The client, in order to continue the construction of the mine, required to backfill new tunnels. The cement plant was located on the mine surface, as a consequence, they required a flexible pipe that could go through the casing, which was not installed in a straight line.
In addition, they needed a pipe with high resistance to abrasion, since they needed to transport cement in a free fall that as a result turns to be very abrasive.

Our Solution