For Abrasive Slurry Transportation

Hydrometallurgy Pipes That Endure

High Pressure Acid Leaching (HPAL) and Pressure Oxidation (POX) are two of the most demanding extraction methods in the mining industry and require dependable, long-term operationally tested pipes and fittings.

Every pipe used in the leaching method has to withstand corrosion and abrasion in slurries under high temperatures and pressures.

Traditional materials involve maintenance repairs (rubber-lined carbon steel, RLCS or FRP), or high capital investment in exotic materials, such as SS316/304, duplex, titanium, which are expensive. RLCS in particular requires constant maintenance.

That’s why Pexgol’s non-stop, integrity-strong piping is a must.

Coiled hydrometallurgy pipes

Make Your Pipeline Pexgol™ Tough

Unlike traditional piping solutions, Pexgol’s hydrometallurgy lower operational and capital costs by offering a field-proven, plastic pipe suitable for extreme conditions in plant pipelines — both before the autoclave and after the flash vessel — where temperatures can drop below 110°C/230°C.

More of Pexgol’s advantages:

  • Typically lower-cost alloy compared to exotic materials
  • Resistant to H2SO4, H2S and other leaching acids in a variety of concentrations
  • Smooth internal surface reduces energy
  • No need for levelling, preparation, or handling
  • Eliminates corrosion related to failures and repairs

Reduce corrosion & maintenance downtime on your next project.