Maximize Mineral Processing Efficiency

Mineral Processing Pipes With Stability

Mineral processing facilities are complex systems that need high levels of process controls and monitoring to maximize operating efficiency. That leads to a better bottom line.

Pipe reliability plays a big part in keeping your system stable and controlled. If pipe failure occurs, it will most likely lead to a line shutdown—meaning direct impact on your revenue.

Mineral processing pipes

Pexgol’s long relationship with the mineral processing industry makes it a proven industrial pipe solution for areas where other materials are either failing or too expensive to replace in kind.

The superior wear resistance, paired with high operating temperatures (110 C/230 F) and light-weight design, makes Pexgol your pipe material of choice for mineral processing.

Your Heavy-Duty Piping Solution

If you’re looking to increase pipe reliability in your facility, stay on budget, or reduce capital costs involved with alloys, consider Pexgol.

More of Pexgol’s advantages:

  • Typically lower-cost alloy compared to exotic materials
  • Operating temperatures up to 110°C/230°F
  • Smooth internal surface reduces scale build-up
  • Eliminates corrosion related to failures and repairs

Reduce corrosion & maintenance downtime on your next project.