Tough Mineral Processing Pipes

Potash Needs Corrosion Resistant Pipes

Processing potash ore involves a variety of stages, each with its own operational conditions including ore composition, particle size, solid concentration, temperature, and chemical composition. As a result, scaling, corrosion and abrasion are common challenges for operators.

Maintaining plant operation requires careful selection of pipe material to prolong the integrity of your pipelines. This choice is also critical for increasing the productivity of your plant by reducing maintenance downtime.

Potash processing

Tough Against Corrosion

Pexgol’s unique properties include a very smooth internal surface, elevated working temperatures, and enhanced wear and corrosion resistance, making it the best solution for most of the challenges faced by potash plant pipeline operators.

Pexgol is a smooth, corrosion and abrasion resistant material with:

  • High operating temperatures of up to 110°C/230°F
  • Resistance to KCl, NaCl, and to other salts in varying concentrations
  • Wear resistance 3 times higher than HDPE
  • No need for layout ground preparation
  • Resistance to H2SO4, H2S, and other corrosives in a variety of concentrations

Reduce corrosion & maintenance downtime on your next project.