A Message from Pex Industrial

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to inform you about how we are handling our client relationships and helping the mining and energy sectors continue to do their best work.

Construction engineers supervising progress of construction project stand on new concrete floor top roof and crane background

How we're helping our industries

As material suppliers for essential services, we have the responsibility to deliver solutions that are more cost-efficient and timely than ever. Thankfully, we are continuing to provide high-quality piping system material for these projects and plants.

Our manufacturers will continue Pexgol (PE-Xa) thermoplastic pipes that reduce maintenance costs for tailing, hot mineral processing, long-distance water lines, underground and open-pit dewatering, and many other applications.

Industrial & Mining

Your plants and projects may be looking different, but they still have to stay operational. We are helping by providing thermoplastic pipe material that resists costly corrosion damage, scaling, and more while ensuring a 50-year minimum pipeline lifespan.

District Energy

With buildings and campuses closed indefinitely, many DE projects are underway. Heating & cooling, CHP and Bio Energy systems need pipes that can perform at extreme temperatures. We are continuing to supply durable pipes with high-quality insulation.

Resilient operations need resilient pipes.

Are you looking for a cost-effective piping system alternative? Our team is ready to talk to you about solutions your plant or your next project.


Our Commitment to Health & Safety

Our manufacturer, Golan Plastics, is employing many strategies to protect their workers and operations as this situation unfolds. Manufacturing has not ceased, but thorough measures are being taken to protect the health and safety of all employees. The Pex Industrial Piping Solutions engineering team will be working remotely until further notice to ensure everyone’s safety.



✓ Executing our strategic business continuity plans to ensure we are prepared for any new health guidelines.

✓ Keeping our clients and others safe by enforcing remote work for all of our engineers.

✓ Continuing full service to our clients while taking necessary actions to maintain the community's health and safety.

✓ Proud of our commited and resilient team of employees who are helping our industries thrive through crisis.

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