Wear tests to measure abrasion resistance


Pexgol pipes, manufactured by Golan Plastic Products and its subsidiary companies, are used in many cases for extreme abrasion applications.

In order to estimate the lifespan of PEX-A pipes in relation to other materials, we carried out a study demonstrating the relative abrasion resistance of Pexgol pipes compared to other pipes of different materials.

The test is carried out based on the BS ISO 15527 standard, we will briefly explain what it consists of.


 Samples were taken from different types of pipes:

  • Pexgol
  • Pexgol Optimus
  • HDPE
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless steel


  According to the BS ISO 15527 standard, the samples are prepared by machining of pipe sections as seen in the images below:

Blueprints of the sample after being turned.

Samples of Pexgol and steel pipes.

  The samples are weighed before the test.

  The fluid to be poured into the MLW-6 SLURRY ABRASION TESTER machine is prepared, consisting of ALUMINA (aluminum oxide) particles classified by size between 0.2 mm to 1 mm.

Abrasive material: Alumina

 The samples from the pipes are placed in the containers.


  During 76 hours the samples rotate in the abrasive fluid at the predetermined speed.

  Once the process is finished, the samples are weighed again to measure the relative loss of weight as a result of abrasion.




Wear in the Pexgol pipe samples was lower than that of the rest of the materials.

Wear tests for specific fluids

Wear rate in the different pipe materials may vary depending on the type of slurry to be transported, the number of solids, and the size of the particles.
Therefore, we also offer the option of carrying out the abrasion tests with the specific slurry to be transported in a specific installation. This requires the customer to send Golan Plastic 5 kg of solid material to transport and the following information:

  • Percentage of solids that they usually handle.
  • Fluid velocity.
  • What kind of pipes do you need to make the comparison with in order to estimate the lifespan.


Note: It is important to consider that this is only a laboratory test. We have cases were the lifetime of installed Pexgol pipes was considerably higher than the lifetime according to the laboratory study.

Results of tests carried out with different materials

Fluid: Gold mining tailings, 50% solids
Pipes compared: Pexgol vs carbon steel
Test result: Pexgol was 4.5 times more resistant

Fluid: Gold mining tailings, 40% solids
Pipes compared: Pexgol vs HDPE
Test result: Pexgol was 4 times more resistant (field lifespan exceeded HDPE 10 times)

Fluid: Limestone, 50% solids
Pipes compared: Pexgol vs chrome steel
Test result: Pexgol was 1.9 times more resistant

Pexgol pipeline portfolio transporting mining abrasive tailings with a concentration of solids (40% to 60%)

  • Tizapa Mine – Grupo Peñoles (Mexico)
  • Sabinas Mine – Grupo Peñoles (Mexico)
  • Bismark Mine– Grupo Peñoles (Mexico)
  • Don David Mine – Golden Resource (Mexico)
  • Pueblo Viejo Mine – Barrick Gold (Dominican Republic)
  • Ambatovi Mine– Sherrit (Madagascar)
  • Moa Nickel Mine– Sherrit (Cuba)


To see the details regarding BS ISO 15527 standard, click here.