Your Guide to Resilient Piping Systems

We’ve combined everything you need to know about Pexgol in one all-inclusive manual. Our Pexgol Engineering Guide is packed with technical insights to help you better understand our piping solutions.

Why Use Pexgol?

Thanks to its impressive abrasion resistance and tolerance for temperatures up to 110°C/230°F, Pexgol™ is a great option for abrasive slurry transportation and high-temperature process lines.

When using our long coil options, you can increase your rate of installation and reduce the number of connections.

If you want to improve your existing system at a lower cost with higher reliability than other pipes, consider Pexgol (PEX-a) piping solutions. We can help you avoid overspending on exotic alloys and reduce the frequency pipe replacements due to wear failure.

Construction engineers supervising progress of construction project stand on new concrete floor top roof and crane background