The Best in Cross Industry Piping

Pexgol Pipe systems offer longevity and durability that make our product extremely reliable. Developed for the industrial sector BY the industrial sector, our pipes are used a wide range of applications around the world, helping our clients with continuity and dependable project delivery. 

With over three decades of experience helping Mining, Mineral Processing, Industrial applications improve operations, reduce downtime and increase their bottom line, we know Pexgol™ pex pipes are the perfect solution for any operation.  

Save Time and Reduce CapEx

You can eliminate hundreds of hours in maintenance and installation with strong, reliable pipes. See our corrosion-resistant pipelines in action.


The outstanding proven properties of Pexgol allows you to improve your existing system in a lower cost and higher reliability. Pexgol is a great option for abrasive slurry transportation, as well as high temperature process lines. we can help you avoid spending on exotic alloys and reduce the frequency of changing pipes due to wear failure.

When using our long coil options, you can increase your rate of installation, reduce the number of connections, and reduce risk related with them.

Our wealth of knowledge and reputation of 30 years provides you with an integrity strong solution and non-stop performance.

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